Each level has a mid-term exam. The grading of the midterm is 20% of the general grade of that level.

Each level has a final exam. It is at the end of each level- after eight weeks- which grading is 30% of the general grade of that level.

Summer School

Summer term education is a program applied during the summer holiday months except for the fall and spring semesters. Registration for the summer term is not mandatory. A second attempt chance is provided to students who couldn’t complete the B1 level at the end of the third term of Preparatory School due to attendance or couldn’t continue their education due to health conditions.

Summer term academic calendar and courses are set by the Language Preparatory School. The period of study is at least seven weeks long. The University council decides whether the summer term education period shall be accepted in the normal education period or during the summer.

Attendance of 90% is mandatory. If the student provides a valid medical report or a petition for a valid excuse within a week to the Directorate of student’s affairs and accepted by the Directorate of the Langauge Preparatory School, she/he is accepted as excused for an extra 10%. Students who do not fulfill the attendance requirement are accepted as unsuccessful in the summer term.