Period of Study and Attendance:

  • The Language Preparatory School students are required to take the proficiency test or provide the university with an authentic English certificate.
  • Students who get less than 40% in the proficiency test must attend the Language Preparatory School to ensure that they start their language program at the correct entry level.
  • According to the module system, students in the Language Preparatory School are required to take at least one semester of English studies.

Exams and Tests

  • Achievement exams: once a term regarding the scope and aims of education applied in preparatory school.
  • Pop Quizzes: in which applied besides the achievements without announcing the time of such Quiz.
  • Make-up exams: these exams are held for those students who have an excuse for not taking an exam.
  • Final Exam: those students who have accomplished the attendance (90% of classes is obligatory) and have a sufficient general average of the grades (60 % out of 100) have to take the final exam.